Ann Schubert is a jewellery designer. Her work is a symbiosis of two areas of the applied arts: graphic arts
and product design. Her great passion is the formal expression of the word. By way of her jewellery it becomes
a faithful companion in daily life. As a product designer Ann Schubert combines traditional craft with industrial
processing technology and has dedicated herself to formal clarity.

- * September 6th, 1970 Ribnitz Damgarten, Mecklenburg Vorpommern
- 1989-91 studies of pedagogy for visual arts and German, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University, Greifswald
- 1991-95 training as a goldsmith with Dieter Zellweger, Jeweller H.H. Sack, Lübeck
- 1995-96 goldsmith at Birge Mundt Nissen, Hamburg
- 1996-01 studies and diploma as industrial designer, Graduate School for Visual Arts, Hamburg
- 1997-99 goldsmith at Lena Schüler, Hamburg
- 2000-03 graphic artist and product designer at different agencies
- 2003-05 freelance graphic artist and jewellery designer, presentation of her first jewellery collection
- 2005-07 business manager of the 'current affairs' gallery, Hamburg
- April 2nd 2007 birth of her twins Hannah und Julian
- since 2007 jewellery designer in her own studio, Admiralitätstraße Hamburg