Ring Sterling Silver
Engraving: Logo of the French line of cosmetics VIRGINALE

A lot can be expressed by giving a piece of jewellery as a present.
A piece of jewellery is a message. Ann Schubert uses the many possibilities of
words and lettering to turn thoughts and feelings into jewellery.

Some of the models in the collection can be used for your individual engraving.
In the example Virginale (photo) the model VICTORY from the collection
was used to engrave the logo of the French line of cosmetics.

The ring model ROTATING MESSAGE is very versatile.
The ring can be manufactured in a compact fashion or narrow and delicate.
The basic model is a level ring with a rotating band in the middle. A message
can be engraved in this rotating band. One can choose between raised
lettering or more or less deeply engraved lettering. The width of the ring as
well as the font can be chosen.
The model Rotating Message is well suited as a WEDDING RING.
For example, one partner's ring could have raised lettering, the other partner's
a recessed engraving. This way the rings symbolically fit into one another.

The locket TOUTE MA VIE also lends itself to a personal engraving.
The names of your loved ones can be engraved on the inside.

By choosing an individual engraving you can influence the design of the
piece of jewellery and you can relate directly to the person to whom you
are giving the piece.

If you have a beautiful old symbol, a drawing, a poem or a quote which has a
special meaning to you, Ann Schubert designs your own personal emblem or
layout for your piece of jewellery.


Ring Sterling Silver
Engraving LOBSTER
Text SINHAIT / Greeting from the German Island Helgoland meaning health

The ring SINHAIT (photo) is a family ring.
The ring modell and the engraving were a special order.
Ann Schubert designed the family crest and the shape of the signet
ring for a family which is closely connected to the Island of Helgoland.
The helgolandian word "sinhait" (health) has been engraved around
the lobster.

Ann Schubert designs your unique piece of jewellery.
Beyond the jewellery design you have the option of having a word
or symbol developed which then can be used as a family crest or
a company logo.